Schedules set for batch III of
Editorial Leaders in New Delhi and Chennai

WAN-IFRA has scheduled the batch III programmes for its Editorial Leaders or Master Classes on Editorial Leaders for Editors and Journalists in New Delhi and Chennai. This module-based training programme is an initiative from the World Editors Forum and WAN-IFRA, designed to improve the knowledge of editors and journalists.

The third batch of the Editorial Leaders will have first three modules from May 15-20, 2017 in the capital city and final three modules in Chennai on June 19-24, 2017. This workshop is designed to develop future-ready editorial leaders and help news publishers create a pool of talent for the future.

Brands present

A host of representatives from some of the leading names in the country’s news media industry was participated in the batch II of the leadership workshop. They were from Dainik Bhaskar, Malayala Manorama, Prajavani, Sakal, Mathrubhmi, The Hindu, The Times of India, Sambad and The Daily Prothom Alo (Bangladesh). The participants gained insights about trends and challenges and improved skills to face changing media landscape.

Today, news stories are flowing in as they happen, from multiple sources, eyewitnesses, logs and what has happened is filtered through a vast network of social connections, being ranked, commented and shared. This workshop will provide strategic insight, case studies and skills and tools to allow editors to ensure that data is being effectively analysed and used for improved storytelling.

Six modules

The modules are led by best-in-class trainers who address the new and changing needs of the readers, the skills needed to engage them with the publisher’s brand and the ways to gain advantage over old and new competitors. The workshop has trained more than 200 participants in the past two batches. The Editorial Leaders batch II was successfully completed in September 2016. Upon receipt of the good feedbacks from publishers, WAN-IFRA now gears up for batch III of Editorial Leaders in May.

The workshop will have six modules—Module 1: Creating Engaging Stories, May 15 – 16 (New Delhi); Module 2: Online Video, May 17 - 18 May (New Delhi); Module 3: Data Journalism, May 19 – 20 (New Delhi); Module 4: Writing for the Web, June 19 - 20 (Chennai); Module 5: Harnessing Social Media, June 21 – 22 (Chennai); and Module 6: Leading the newsroom, June 23 – 24 (Chennai). A publisher can nominate up to three participants for each module.

There will be a module leader in each of the modules. Angela Robson, award-winning writer, film and radio documentary maker at BBC, The Guardian and director of Pearl Works Productions (UK), will be the module leader in the Module 1, in which she will talk about creation of engaging stories in a challenging environment. In the Module 2, the leader will be Pailin Wedel, a freelance producer and visual journalist from Thailand, who will narrate how videos can be improved in the parameters of composition, content, lighting and audio. Module leader Kevin Anderson in the Module 3 is the founder & principal of Ship’s Wheel Media. His discourse will be on ‘big data’.

At Chennai, in the Module 4, module leader Adam Tinworth, digital publishing strategist, media consultant and visiting lecturer, City University (USA), will conduct the programme on how writing for web is different from that for print. Module 5 is about ‘Harnessing Social Media’ in which the module leader will be Olle Lidbom, director of communications, Norstedts Forlagsgrupp, Sweden. In the last Module 6, Henrik Hansen, member of EBU Training, international media consultant, HKH Communication, Denmark, will be the module leader who will be taking on the topic ‘Leading the Newsroom’ with an insight into managing newsroom processes.

Participants who complete all six modules successfully will be given a ‘Editorial Leader’ master certificate. For further details, write at:


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