Resolve to
newsprint in 2017

Every time when another year arrived, every one of us takes some resolutions, the so-called New Year Resolutions, towards certain improvement on all that involve with us personally and professionally. As the New Year 2017 has just ushered in, K Nandakumar, former VP-technical, The New Indian Express and founder of Vibes Academy, urges the industry fellows to go for a selfless resolution on using newsprint in a greener way dedicated to our future generations.

Invariably, New Year Resolutions are turned out to be the commitments to fresh efforts, to start with, but ended in the same old habit of breaking them off. This practice repeats year after year. Even the resolutions that are well intended eventually fail to take off because either they are extremely lofty, involving heavy financial outflow, or given up easily due to start-up hick ups, not supplemented by proper planning, not involving the team due to lack of personal responsibility.

Social responsibility

Normally the resolutions we in the printing industry take are often happened to be towards consistent improvements on quality and enhanced productivity. Every individual of any organisation resorts to all kind of activities to ensure higher profit, which the primary concern of any commercial enterprise, but with minimum concern for the planet that we live in. Our corporate social responsibility takes the back seat and remains as our last priority.

We often forget that our nature’s resources are limited. They are getting polluted and rapidly dwindling. We do indiscriminate plundering of our planet just to fulfil our self interest. We need to be conscious of the scar we create on the nature by our deeds. So, for the year 2017, let our resolution be a selfless one, dedicated to our future generations.

Greener newsprint

Well, for the future generations, let us now consider the newsprint. Manufacturing one metric ton of newsprint requires harvesting of 24 metric tons of matured trees. The newspaper industry consumes wood from 9.5 billion trees annually. The green house effect, soil erosion and global warming threaten the future of our planet. This is indeed a big concern every one of us in the newspaper printing industry must keep in mind and take some significant action against it.

Further, if we look at the municipal wastes, it constitutes 90 percent paper. Such wastes in the landfills emits large amount of methane, which is 20 percent more potent contributors to the global warming than carbon dioxide. Similarly, the ink and other chemicals used in print production pollute the environment and endanger life. Also one kilogram of paper production needs hundred litres of water. And the waste water from the mills pollute river, water bodies with toxic substances like lignin and other mineral pollutants.

Optimise all

Morally we carry the burden to replace and replenish what we usurp from the nature. The printing and publishing industry has a big responsibility on this global issue, because we are considered as the watch dog of ethical and social behaviours and we always assume an advisory role. Necessarily we need to lead and set an example for others. Let us optimise the use of every resource we employ, be it newsprint or other consumables.

Now, REUSE-REDUCE-RECYCLE should be our mantra and irrevocable resolution for the year 2017 and ever after.


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